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M&B  Part 1

Engine: Unity

Position: Level Design



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The Broad Strokes of Pre-Production

Might & Blade was a collaborative class project that ran for two semesters. I was a level designer for this project. I was responsible for the first and third level, and this was the first large group project I was a part of.

The game itself is very slimier to Diablo. Might & Blade has a slower pace though, with and emphasis on blocking and dodging enemy attacks.

Before the project began, I was tasked with making a rough draft of what the first level in the game might consist of. That included a Boss encounter. Using the mechanics and suggestions given to me by the project leads, I broke the level into three phases.

I was given a short amount of time to come up with something, and we didn't know how many levels the game would have at this time. So I applied very broad strokes to the paper map

I will break this down in parts based on the first and second semesters this project ran for

Phase 1

The first phase places the player on the outskirts of a town that is being raided by bandits. The town itself serves as a center of trade, So there would be stalls strewn about the level.

This phase teaches the player basic movement and combat, while also teaching the player how to use traps to deal extra damage to enemies. A tactic players could use when overwhelmed by enemies.

Phase 2

The second phase of the level, was meant to test the player's  understanding of mechanics from the first level, while introducing a new enemy type. By this time the player would enter the heart of the town. The Heavy enemy type introduced in this draft was not finished until our second run of the game, where I created the third level

Phase 3

The last part of the level was a boss fight, this did not make it into the first run of the project, but I was asked to create it, in case we had time to implement a Boss during the First Run.  We did not create this Boss. Instead we made a different Boss During the games Second Run 

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