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Assault Core

Construct 2

For this project I was tasked to create a 2D beat-em-up game.

I always enjoyed the fast and agile characters in those types of games. So that was the type of gameplay I was aiming for.

We were using construct 2 and where allowed to pull assets from sprite sheets, as the design and implementation was the most important part of the course.

I picked some sprites from Guardian Heroes, and went forward from there.


Player Character

I chose a small character for the player, a character that looked agile. This sprite had short reach to force the player to get close to the enemy, while making the player fast enough to get out of danger, rewarding the player for using hit and run tactics. For every few hits the player lands, and for every attack dodged with correct timing the player gains adrenaline points that can be used for special attacks. The player can also charge those adrenaline points into rage points to gain health and use a more powerful special attack.


Bones (Grunt)

A basic enemy the can be flinched out of an attack.

Knight ()

A Stronger enemy that cannot be flinched by normal attacks. The best way to approach it is by attacking it and dodging its attacks at the right time to gain adrenaline. special attacks can interrupt this enemies attacks.  


A stationary enemy that fires two types of projectiles, one homing and one direct shot. The homing shots are on a curve, so if the player jumps over them they spiral out of control. the direct shot can be dodged or shot at by the player projectile. I enjoyed jumping over the homing shots a lot so I decided to make that a main mechanic for the boss of this project. 


I decided to try something different with the boss of this project.  As the player has no aerial attacks they would need to ground the boss in order to damage it. In the boss' first two stages the player must jump over its homing projectile attacks in order to have them spiral out and hit the boss, after witch it would land for a short time. the bosses 3rd phase tasks the player with surviving its attacks until it overheats and has to land on its own.  


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