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Matthew Thomas Washington

Game/Level Designer



Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California                                               September 2010 – May 2018

Bachelors of Fine Arts                                                                                                        GPA: 3.245

Graduation date - May 25 2018                                    



Strong: Unity, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Perforce

Experienced: Unity C#, Unreal, Unreal Blueprint, Maya, Photoshop, Excel, Construct 2



Might and Blade (Unity) – Level designer

Download Game, Watch Demo   

  • Designed and executed levels 1 and 3 for the game from level map to engine implementation.

  • Testing and Bug reporting.

  • C# execution for scripted events and bug fixes

  • Designed combat mechanics for the final boss


Sugar Sleuths (Unity)– Lead Designer:

Download Game, Watch Demo

  • Produced GDD and Core Mechanics for the game

  • Coordinated tasks and created documents and guidelines for designers, artists and scripters.

  • Held weekly meetings to prevent roadblocks and to stay up to date with the project

  • Implementation of assets in Unity.

  • Play testing and bug fixing.

  • C# execution for scripted events and gameplay features.


Work Experience

Golden Gate Western Wear   Richmond, CA                                                                                July 2011-Present

Work responsibilities include:

  • Writing up sales in store, online, and over the phone.

  • Keeping websites up to date.

  • Online and phone customer service.

  • Training new employees.

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