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Part 2

The Final Map and Early Blocking

After getting some feedback from my project leads I reworked the draft I made for the first level. They decided that we did not have enough time for a boss fight, nor would the heavy enemy be introduced in my level (for the first semester I was only responsible for the first level). Instead they decided to create a ranged enemy and have them introduced in my level.


The Final Map

My plan, was to have the player take out an excess of enemies using the traps placed in each arena of the stage.


The project leads wanted the games combat to play out more like Dark Souls. But we did not have the means to make that happen. My thought process was that if a group of enemies would be to much for the player to handle, due to the amount of damage they deal and how easily they can crowd the player. That issue could be alleviated by giving the player leverage by using the traps to deal extra damaged to enemies.


The trick was that the player still needed to dodge the traps, so that they could avoid taking damage themselves.   

Blocking Floor Collision

After that I was asked to block out just the floor of the level in maya, to generate collision (I'm still not entirely sure) So I used the  character model I was given to try and stick to scale. I had to bring this into Unity to see how it looked. There was a lot of back and forth before I got to a comfortable place. This crude mesh ended up being more useful than I thought it would be in the end

Next Time

This was only the first week of a 15 week semester. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way during this semester. But they made me a better level and systems designer by the end of it. In part 3 We'll see how my level started its blocking stage.

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